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Would like estimate to fix house built in 1955 with mildew in the walls, around ceiling A/C vents and on the furniture. Also water damage in the bathroom and hallway. Please call me to schedule an appointment.

Donna H

We are re-doing our basement and found a lot of water in the corner when tearing out the floor. Don't know where it is coming from but want an expert to check it out, stop the leak and fix the damage. Thanks

Blake T.

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Water Damage Restoration - Water Damage Restoration Questions
1.20 What to look for in contractors who repair major water damage?

Q. Bathroom sink pipe sprung a major leak, 15 minutes worth of tap water soaked hardwood flooring, plaster walls and ceilings and ran into some duct work...also we are concerned about the electrical wiring behind ceiling and walls, what are some good characteristics to look for in hiring a contractor who specializes in this type of work? Also, is it typical for the homeowner's insurance to cover the plumbing work? So far, the adjuster says only work to repair damage is covered but not the plumbing that caused the problem...sound right?

A. Your adjuster is correct. Your insurance policy owes for access to get to the plumbing leak and to repair it but NOT for the part itself. Start by making sure your house is dried out properly by a certified water damage restoration company (i.e. ServiceMaster). They will find out where the water damage starts and ends, take moisture reading of your flooring and walls & may place fans/dehumidifiers to dry out your home. After the place is dried out, then address rebuild. If you need paint, drywall, flooring or baseboards...ask your adjuster if they have a "preferred" general contractor that is on the company's preferred program. Go with one of them if they do. Good luck.

1.20 What to do after a kitchen fire?

Q. I have had a fire today in the kitchen which has resulted in serious damage to two wall units and the extractor fan. The electricity for the oven and hob were connected to the extractor, so I am unable to use these and there is alot of smoke damage to the kitchen and this has spread albeit only a little into all downstairs areas of the house. I managed to smother the flames and throw the pan onto the garden, which has burnt the lawn and I also have a burn to my arm from removing the pan. The insurance company promised to send a cleaning company out today to make the kitchen habitable again and a loss adjuster is coming on monday. So far, the cleaners aren't here and I am not sure whether to start cleaning up myself, as it is getting on my nerves. Can anyone advise whether this is a bad idea in view of the loss adjusters coming and if I should be aware of anything when they come. The kitchen is only a year old and was very expensive. I don't want to under estimate on the level of damage, as I would like it put back the way it was.

A. Okay, I do fire/water damage restoration work and have for the last 10 years. First of all, yes, take pictures. You can attempt to start cleaning if you want to, however, I wouldn't suggest it. Here is the reason; kitchen fires 9 times out of 10 are caused by protein fire, which means you were cooking something. These type fires leave a very greasy mess behind. In the fire/water damage industry, we have special chemicals to remove the soot/smoke odor. Be prepared that this is not something that can be cleaned up in 30 minutes. You have to start from the ceiling and work your way down to the floor, including all the contents within the affected area. Now, as far as jeopardizing your claim, in 10+ years of doing this, the only time I have EVER seen a claim denied is due to arson. Never have I heard an adjuster state a claim was denied to negligence. 95% of your fires in homes are caused by carelessness. It's an accident, whether it was caused from cooking, faulty wiring, etc. I know your house is a mess right now, and you as the homeowner are allowed to start mitigating your own loss. If you are not happy with the restoration company coming out, then go into the yellow pages under "fire/smoke damage" and contact someone else. We always tell our customers that we work for them, not the insurance company. Also, save all your receipts for eating out, anything you have to put money out to as a result of this fire. You will be reimbursed by your insurance company. When the adjuster comes out, he will scope the loss and write up an estimate. The restoration company will also write up an estimate based upon what they see needs to be done. Usually, the price is about the same because we all use the same pricing program to figure out an estimate. If I can't suggest anything else to you, I will suggest this, whoever you choose to use in restoring your home, make sure they specialize in fire/water damage restoration work. If it's not done right, you will not have the odor out of your house, nor will it be cleaned correctly. Here is some basic info off our website that will help: Report the damage to your insurance company as soon as possible. Most companies have a toll-free call center to take your information. Or you can always report the loss to your agent. If you must turn off your water, take steps to prevent your plumbing and/or heating supply pipes from freezing. If you have lost power and it is safe to do so, remove perishable foods from your refrigerator and freezer. The odor created by spoiled food is usually impossible to remove. Keep a listing of anything you have discarded and receipts for any expenses you incur in protecting your property. Most likely, your insurance claim representative will ask for these items If you must relocate, even temporarily, give your insurance company a phone number where you can be reached. You want your home back to the condition it was in prior to the fire and smoke damage Appliances/Electronics: Do not use any TV, stereo or electronic appliances until they have been checked by a technician. If the electricity is off, empty your refrigerator/freezer completely and prop the doors open with a rolled towel. Carpets: Vacuum loose dry soot smoke particles from carpets. Make sure the vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter to prevent redistribution of fine soot. Avoid walking or tracking on carpet if possible. Do not use “do-it-yourself” home carpet cleaners. Ceilings/Walls: Do not wipe or attempt to wash ceilings or other absorbent surfaces. Doors: Close doors on affected areas to localize smoke odors as much as possible. Food Items: Do not consume food items exposed to smoke or canned goods that have been subjected to excessive heat. Furnace: Change the furnace or air conditioner filter if the blower is operating. Tape double pieces of cheesecloth over air registers with masking tape. Furniture: If possible, avoid using upholstered furniture or handling drapes. Pets: Remove all pets to a clean environment. Plants: Wash plants with mild soap and water, cleaning both sides of the leaves. Plumbing: Call a plumber to drain and winterize the system if the heat will be turned off in the winter. Windows: If possible, open windows to ventilate.

1.20 Should landlord or insurance be responsible for hiring clean up service after water damage restoration?

Q. A water pipe broke in the roof resulting in 30 days of water damage restoration. Demolition of interior walls and floors have layers of dust on all my furniture, floors, fixtures, inside cabinets. Is clean up after the restoration part of the job scope or am I stuck with footing the bill myself?

A. They should provide all clean up.

1.20 What rights does a consumer have in getting an estimate from a water damage restoration company?

Q. I was hit by the floods in the Midwest from the heavy rainstorms a couple weeks back. A resoration company came out and refused to provide me with a written estimate at the time of arrival (promised to fax me one when they got back to the office). They told me they would set up the equipment (dehumidifiers & fans) to draw the water out while they worked on the estimate because the water was so bad. They didn't provide it to me for 3 days and it was 5 times the price of what another franchisee had quoted of the same company. I immediately told them to remove all equipment and I wouldn't work with them, now they are trying to get me to pay 75% of the "estimate" because they did "work"?

A. The list should grow, but I would start with 1- the better business bureau 2-your state attorney general 3-your local county attorney 4-your local newspaper 5-call FEMA, they may can help 6- your rep and senator, this may be federal violation If they are 5 times as high, chances are they have jacked prices because of the flood, this is not good. I have told people that I dont mind being the highest bid , just as long as I am not twice as high. My theory is you get what you pay for , but this falls out of this catagory. Good luck with your project, come back and tell how it turned out. As good as you can,,Have a great day, dont loose faith in mankind because of these crooks

1.20 Who is a good contractor to help with water damage restoration in grand rapids?


A. I used to live in Grand Rapids and had some water damage to my home. I use online insurance so I don't have a local agent to contact but I found PuroClean and they helped clean things up. They were at my house 30 minutes after I called, dried up all the water; and worked with my insurance company. The whole process was very easy. I would recommend giving the guys at PuroClean in Grand Rapids a call; I believe the gentleman's name was Tom that I spoke with. Very professional.

1.20 What company does water damage restoration in Phoenix AZ?


A. I've worked with the local PuroClean on a rental property I own in the Phoenix area. I called Jason and he had a team come right out and take care of it, very professional and he worked with my insurance company to handle payment. The house looks great now, no trace of water or mold damage. I would recommend them; here is a link to how I found them.

1.20 Where can I get a list of new jersey insurance restoration contractors.?


A. What- you had a loss and there not coming out of the woodwork- ha ha, Former Fire and Water damage GC- Dallas area. Look in the phone book under Fire and Water Damage Restoration- you will not find a list like this- but Insurance Adjuster will know most of them. They are General Contractors who specilize in Fire and Water. Also there are companies who only do Content cleanup, like ServePro. They do Water clean up. And Furniture cleaning.

1.00 Would knowledge of previous water damage affect your decision to purchase a condo?

Q. If you also know that the repairs have been completed by a qualified restoration company --- would the knowledge of the previous damage cause you to not want to purchase the home or condo? Would it affect the price you were willing to pay?

A. Not at all, if proper repairs were made and the cause of the leak remedied as well. There is no reduction in value because of a previous damage situation, as long as the unit was restored to the original or better condition during the repair.

Water Damage Companies

 Water Damage Restoration We help you connect with reliable and experienced water damage restoration companies in Boca Raton. Water damage can occur because of a number of causes. A pipe burst can cause severe leakage, which leads to water accumulating in your basement. On the other end of the scale, a flood in your neighborhood, or the overflow after a heavy shower can seep into your basement flooding your belongings, and creating ripe conditions for wood decay, mold, mildew and other problems. If you've suffered any sort of water damage on your property, you will need the services of a water extraction service immediately, and without further delays. The longer you delay, the more the decay and the rot that begins to set in, and the more extensive the damage to your belongings. Your wood furniture beams, pillars, floors and other fixtures, and even your concrete surfaces can be ravaged by the non stop onslaught of water when it is left to accumulate. Besides, the formation of mold and mildew is just a few hours away. Black mold, the most toxic of mold species can begin to breed when water is left standing for more than 48 hours.

 flood damage company in Boca Raton, Florida At $company, we help Boca Raton residents who have suffered through a devastating flood or other source of water damage, to get their life back together again. All you have to do to get your life back together is to full out the form on this page. We'll immediately connect you with up to 4 flood damage contractors in Boca Raton. You will receive free estimates from these contractors. With all these contractors vying for your business, you can choose the contractor you think is right for your job, based on his experience, qualification, price and other factors. Our contractors are all reliable and professional flood damage restoration specialists, and have been in the flood damage mitigation business for many years. You're sure to find a water damage contractor who's right for your needs.

If none of our contractors suit your needs, don't worry. You're under no obligation to hire any of these, and you won't be charged extra. Finding an experienced flood damage restoration contractor in Boca Raton through us is not just easy and simple, but also risk free! So go ahead, and fill out the form. You've nothing to lose!


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